Design and invention

That’s the most exciting part of our job. And that’s why we never use pre made kits or any kind of semi-finished products to create our pens. We invented, drew, designed and made all the pens ourselves. If you’re looking for an innovative take on design with a strong focus on functionality and usability, give us a call. Maybe something will come of it.

Kayu Egino

We started learning everything on this model in two shape variants. Craft, construction, design. And the first truly functional pen from our workshop was created.

Lightweight, clean, simple, highly usable, taking into account ecology and sustainability. Handmade to measure.

The pen is only 12.5g without cap, a combination of recycled wood inlaid with brass and anodised aluminium for durability. Complete with addictive magnetic closure.

Kayu 130 - patented

Kayu 130 was born out of a need to take a break from several years of routine in the workshop and come up with something really innovative.

A fountain pen of a completely new and modern design that solves the biggest shortcomings of most standard fountain pens: grip, multi-cap, closure, ossification.

Purely cylindrical pen without clip, the nib is pushed out by a cap, which pushes it out and fixes it with magnets after putting it on the back end of the pen. No edges hinder the user’s grip. Thanks to the off-axis centre of gravity, the pen does not roll even on an inclined plane.

Kayu Kuka

A simple pen aimed primarily at artists, calligraphers and other muse-kissed souls.

Affordable, simple to manufacture, long-lasting yet easy to wash out

Super lightweight pen with a rounded shape, consisting only of a wooden handle, anodised aluminium grip and a tip. The pen can write for up to 5 minutes per dip and can be fitted with many different types of nibs. It can be easily cleaned thanks to the flushing hole and for transport, the grip can be screwed into the handle in reverse, thus hiding the tip from damage.
The first generation Kayu Kuka has been discontinued, and we are currently working on version 2, which takes the pen’s features at least one order of magnitude further.

Redesign for Centropen

In 2020, we were approached by a legend among stationery manufacturers, Centropen from Dačice. After one meeting, we agreed to start a collaboration on the redesign of a product with great commercial potential. Over the course of a few months, three main solution options were developed, offering different approaches to redesigning the product. Based on these, we created digital and 3D printed models that the client considered the most promising. The cooperation on this project was successfully completed by handing over the work to Centropen for further development.

Verzatilka, refillable markers...

Because we ourselves feel that fountain pens are not the only discipline in stationery design that we would like to pursue, we already have concepts for completely different and innovative stationery in our heads, on paper and partly in our hands.
For both the versatilka and the fountain pen, we would like to revolutionize the concept of these writing instruments. Unfortunately, development is a very time-consuming discipline and combined with production duties it takes us a bit of time. But we’re gonna make it, surely!


Stationery is not the only area where we would sense an opportunity for innovation. We think about toys, garden tools or household cleaning supplies. But honestly, there is so much to do that we only manage to take notes in our notepads, hoping that someday the time will come. The design masterpiece is supposed to be a source of drinking water for households and potentially also houses or municipalities. And that’s without the need to supply energy. So keep your fingers crossed, maybe we can make this idea happen.
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