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pens from the Czech Republic


One pen out of 1 000 000 brushes

1 280 Kč


Born in nature, raised in civilization

4 280 Kč


For fans of compactness and durability

2 980 Kč

Which pen to choose

There are many brands of fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens. But few combine minimalist design, premium quality and a focus on sustainability. And that’s why there are luxurious Kayu pens from the Czechia. Experience the true joy of writing. It’s #InOurHands.

Egino 3

For real writers

Egino 3 is the third evolution stage of our most original pen. Designed for everyday writing, it has a stainless steel construction with a solid wood body. A real writing experience.


You can treat the Egino 3 like a writing instrument, not a fragile piece of jewelry. It can handle your demands.


Every part on the pen is replaceable. It will stay with yours forever.


With Egino 3 you have the widest choice of nib type and filling method to fit your exact needs.

Always at hand

We invented Nikini for those who want to keep their pocket pen with them at all times. It’s all stainless steel and will be your trusty partner wherever you need to take notes.


The Nikini is so simple and solid that you can treat it like any ballpoint pen. It’s just that the writing is on another level.


Every part on the pen can be replaced. It will stay with you for many years.


Nikini is the smallest pen on the market (at least as far as we know). Fits in any pencil case or notebook.

Fine upcycling

It used to be an iconic toothbrush. Now it’s an iconic pen. You can be happy every day that you are writing sustainably and playfully. Made in Switzerland, upcycled in Czechia.


Sustainability is one of the core values of all Kayu products. Cura prolongs the life of great design.


We see beauty in simplicity. Cura is so simple and yet wonderfully functional.


Even a ballpoint pen can look distinctive without feeling pompous. When you want a fresh design treasure in your pocket.

It’s #inyourhands

We try to think about the impact of our business in a broader context.

Clients say

Gabi GlassWilderness Medical Society Manager
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The pen is comfortable in the hand, writes beautifully and I am extremely satisfied with it.
Jaroslav UrbánekClient
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The pen is beautiful, thank you for it and it made me very happy. The packaging of the pen is also very nicely thought out. Fingers crossed that you have lots of customers and that you do well.
Petr HykelMarketing Consultant
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I'm quite a stickler for pens, yours is probably the best of all, it's nice to hold and comfortable to hold.
Jiří ŘízekDentist
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I was given the pen you made as a gift. After filling it with ink I tried it as it says, and that is why I am writing to you. I like handwork, I'm a craftsman myself, and since I have experience with other pens, I'm very happy to say that I find it much easier and more relaxed to write with your pen. It's a treat to paint loops and ripples. It is also well balanced. Thank you for the good work and I appreciate what you do!
Doug WrightAward-winning playwright
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I was so delighted and flattered to see the beautiful pen, embossed with the name 'Sade,' on the opening night of my play QUILLS at the National Theater in Brno. It has an honored place on my desk; I use it to sign important documents, pen letters, and even write holiday cards. It works handsomely, and makes me grin every time I use it.
Lenka MatulkováEconomist
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Luxurious, great workmanship, work - huge satisfaction. I'll be sure to check in again.
Martin GlasserDirector of the National Theatre Brno
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I write down everything really important in pen. I also sign a huge number of documents with a pen. The NdB's stress test is usually more than 1,200 new salary calculations at the end of the year. That's when I'll know for sure if I like the new pen or not. And the Kayu passed this test flawlessly!
Kateřina BicanováMedical student
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We just handed over the pen and all unwrapped it together. And we are thrilled! From the beautiful, distinctive packaging, over the postcard and packaging, to the most beautiful pen I've ever seen. Really. How nice it smells too! So I want to thank you again, you made us the nicest gift we could have asked for. I will definitely recommend it to everyone and hopefully one day I will get a pen myself.
Martina KnoppováClient
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Hello Michal, I confirm that the pen has arrived safely and it is great! Simply beautiful, I must say that both the pen and the beautiful packaging took my breath away and my Monday is immediately much better. Thank you again very much, I'm going to enjoy and wish you a wonderful day and a relaxing week.
Sameer ButtFilmmaker
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Can't wait to see what next! I love the pen I bought at design blok in Prague.
Jiří ĎukOfficial and university teacher
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Dear Mr. Klaško, I would like to thank you very much for the beautifully crafted pen, I like it very much and it is perfect to write with. In addition, I would like to appreciate the whole packaging, which is funny and thoughtful. It was a pleasure and an "adventure" to get to the pen and other surprises gradually. Thank you again and I wish you many more satisfied customers and success.
Jana MajzlíkováPsychologist
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The package arrived safely. Thank you very much! Mindblowing, the packaging, the surprise, the pen, the cover. Like totally awesome and great! Thank you very much. Have a great day and I wish you only happy customers.

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